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Jun 6, 2024

In this episode, hosts Dr. Daniel Correa and Dr. Katy Peters answer your questions. They discuss Alzheimer’s disease and hallucinations, brain fog during recovery periods, and how to keep your brain functioning well at any age. They also answer questions about the accessibility of migraine medications and pediatric stroke recovery. Thank you for submitting your questions and sharing your comments about the Brain & Life Podcast!


Alzheimer and Hallucinations

Six Tips to Help Manage Behavior Changes in Alzheimer's Disease

Journalist Greg O’Brien on Chronicling His Life with Alzheimer’s

Important Tips for Alzheimer’s Disease Caregivers


Brain Fog and Brain Function

Functional recovery from neuroinvasive West Nile Virus: A tale of two courses

Understanding Long COVID: What We Know

Postacute Cognitive Rehabilitation for Adult Brain Tumor Patients

Exploring Longevity with Author Dan Buettner

10 Ways to Adopt a Blue Zone Lifestyle


Migraine Treatment

Headache and Migraine Clinical Trials

American Migraine Foundation

Julia Easterlin on Being a Performer with Migraine

Mulling over Migraines with Photographer Bill Wadman

Stroke Recovery

How Paula Carozzo is Redefining Disability and Advocating for Her Community

Perinatal Stroke in Fetuses, Preterm and Term Infants

Timothy Omundson on Stroke Recovery and His Return to Television

Matt and Kanlaya Cauli on Rebuilding Life After Stroke

Peloton Instructor Bradley Rose on Returning to Life After Stroke


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