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Mar 23, 2023

This week Dr. Audrey Nath speaks with accomplished powerlifter and personal trainer Javeno McLean about how he became motivated to open a gym where he provides free personal training for people with disabilities. Javeno talks about his passion for improving both the physical and mental health of his clients. Next Dr. Nath sits down with Dr. Gottfried Schlaug, a vascular neurologist and professor of neurology at Baystate Medical Center - UMass Chan Medical School. Dr. Schlaug explains neuroplasticity—the brain’s ability to adapt and recover after a brain injury. He also discusses the importance of learning new skills and participating in activities to improve neuroplasticity and overall health of your brain. 

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Guest: Javeno McLean @J7healthJaveno (Twitter & Instagram) 

Hosts: Dr. Daniel Correa @neurodrcorrea; Dr. Audrey Nath @AudreyNathMDPhD