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May 12, 2022

In this episode, Dr. Nath sits down with actor RJ Mitte to discuss his experience in the entertainment industry as an individual with cerebral palsy. RJ also shares his journey in finding confidence despite the bullying that he endured throughout his childhood. Dr. Nath then speaks with Dr. Peter Raffalli, pediatric neurologist and director of Boston Children’s Hospital Bullying and Cyberbullying Prevention and Advocacy Collaborative, and Dr. Elizabeth Barkoudah, co-director of Boston Children’s Hospital Cerebral Palsy and Spasticity Center. Drs. Raffalli and Barkoudah speak about bullying in the cerebral palsy community and provide coping strategies for those experiencing it and tips for parents and educators.

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Guest: @rjmitte

Hosts: Dr. Daniel Correa @neurodrcorrea; Dr. Audrey Nath @AudreyNathMDPhD