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Apr 6, 2023

This week, Dr. Audrey Nath speaks with David Begnaud, lead national correspondent for CBS Mornings, about his experience of being diagnosed with Tourette syndrome when he was a child. David shares what it was like to navigate tics at a young age, how he learned to embrace them as an adult, and how he is raising awareness to fight the stigma that can accompany the neurologic condition. Next, Dr. Nath sits down with Dr. Michael Okun, executive director of the Norman Fixel Institute for Neurological Diseases and professor of neurology at University of Florida Health. Dr. Okun explains what happens in the brain of someone living with Tourette syndrome, various ways the condition can be treated, and what he is hopeful for in the future of therapy development.

[We apologize for some audio issues during this episode, but we feel this is excellent and important information for the community and to raise awareness about Tourette syndrome.]

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Guest: David Begnaud @DavidBegnaud (Twitter & Instagram); Dr. Michael Okun (@MichaelOkun)

Hosts: Dr. Daniel Correa @neurodrcorrea; Dr. Audrey Nath @AudreyNathMDPhD