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The Written Scene

Apr 26, 2022

Ant Black, aka Dr. Anthony Blacksher, is next week's guest on The Written Scene. Enjoy this brief teaser.

Music: Addis Ababa by Eshi Era

Apr 19, 2022

Brent knows his job as a copywriter is just that, a 9 to 5, even though he really enjoys getting to the heart of why consumers consume things. But that's not what personally motivates him. What gets to Brent's own heart? Storytelling.

Music: Addis Ababa by Eshi Era

Apr 12, 2022

Next week's guest is storyteller and copywriter Brent Hannify. Enjoy this brief teaser. 

Music: Addis Ababa by Eshi Era

Apr 5, 2022

Just like any good writer, Anastasia has her writing rituals. And yes, that includes a specific mug for her coffee. But one thing Anastasia doesn't have time for? Inspiration's fickle behavior.

Purchase Anastasia's book, A CERTAIN SERENITY, through Puna Press. Available 4/9/22.

Music: Addis Ababa by Eshi Era