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The Written Scene

Apr 30, 2024

As fun as it is to create characters and build worlds, the same holds true for our own writing voice. For author K.A. Fox, writing also as Krysta Fox and Kristi Fox allows her to have several ways to tell stories.

In this episode of The Written Scene, K.A. discusses why she uses pen names, the dread of killing off characters due to emotional attachment, reading for escape from the real world, the challenges of writing outside your genre, how playing with her kids when they were young informed her later as a writer, being a plantser instead of just a planner or pantser, the personal importance of writing strong female characters, including real life moments in stories no matter the genre, how writing is an art with a business end to it, sticking to the rules you create when world building, finding ways to wake up the muse, respecting the mental health aspect of being a writer, the proper way to incorporate validation into our writing careers, and much more.

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Music: Addis Ababa