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The Written Scene

Aug 30, 2022

For writer Anastasia Zadeik, it's important to celebrate every accomplishment and positive step forward in writing. Until next week's full episode with Anastasia, let's celebrate this teaser.

Music: Addis Ababa by Eshi Era

Aug 23, 2022

Seth Combs, a long-standing journalist in the San Diego arts scene, knows exactly how tough it is to survive as an artist in San Diego. In this episode of The Written Scene, Seth discusses path and process, how to write on a word budget, and the necessary mindset for both artists and the arts scene to feed instead...

Aug 16, 2022

Seth Combs enjoys other creative endeavors along with his career as a journalist. In this brief teaser for next week's episode, Seth encounters a wall many creatives encounter along the way.

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Aug 9, 2022

For some creatives, the drive to create and constantly be creating is strong. It can sometimes even be overwhelming. But poet Hilary Broman knows her life without balance of other creative and non-creative endeavors besides poetry would make for a frustrating life. Not only is she still focused on finishing a delayed...

Aug 2, 2022

With everything, balance is needed for poet Hilary Broman. In this brief teaser she explains why. Hear the full episode next week.

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Music: Addis Ababa by Eshi Era