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The Written Scene

Oct 25, 2022

For writer Jennifer Coburn, Imposter Syndrome played a big role in the needed research and thought put into her book Cradles of the Reich. Enjoy this brief teaser of next week's full episode of The Written Scene.

Visit Jennifer Coburn's website for more details and get your copy of Cradles of the Reich at your favorite...

Oct 18, 2022

For many, the path to publication is a long game. For poet, storyteller, and professional organizer Bethel Swift, she had no patience for that. In this week's episode of The Written Scene, Bethel talks about the origin story of Swift & Sparrow Press, how representation matters when telling a story, and how it's a...

Oct 11, 2022

Every writer's first story they wrote as a kid is always a treat to hear. Poet and writer Bethel Swift has a first story of her own, and it's a clean one. Pun intended.

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Oct 4, 2022

This podcast couldn't cover the many levels, lives, and talents of poet Dennis Young but we tried. Listen in as Dennis talks about poetry experiencing a resurgence and renaissance, as well as how his new book, The Ascension Key, is a catalog of his life.

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Music: Addis Ababa by...