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The Written Scene

Oct 31, 2023

For horror author Tiffany Michelle Brown, writing scary tales didn't come naturally but it sure has become a perfect fit.

In this Halloween episode of The Written Scene, Tiffany talks about how nice it is when a theme falls into place, the boundaries horror writers have, why she leads the group through haunted houses,...

Oct 24, 2023

From horror to romance to kid lit, read everything. Everything.

Enjoy this brief teaser with author Tiffany Michelle Brown ahead of next week's full episode of The Written Scene.

Music: Addis Ababa by Eshi...

Oct 17, 2023

A life in the creative arts is not an easy one, nor is it easy to avoid if you're an artist at heart. For poet Carly Marie DeMento, her creative life is more intentional these days.

In this week's episode of The Written Scene, Carly discusses the neurobiology of wisdom, how a life of different experiences (for better...

Oct 10, 2023

For writer Carly Marie DeMento, submitting single poems for publication is a way of building excitement. Enjoy this brief teaser before finding out why, along with so much more, in next week's full episode of The Written Scene.

Music: Addis Ababa by Eshi Era

Oct 3, 2023

When people talk about the San Diego writing community, the name Judy Reeves typically follows. In this episode of The Written Scene, author, teacher, and community creator Judy Reeves talks about how she was part of the reason San Diego's writing community thrives now, that books don't need to be written in...