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The Written Scene

Sep 19, 2023

For kid lit author and early childhood policy expert Minh Lê, writing and telling stories is all about connection no matter the age of the reader or listener. In this episode of The Written Scene, we talk about not knowing how a book will be received by an unknown audience, why the specificity of a story can be a way of telling hard stories, how his journey as an author began as a reader, why the final collaboration for a writer is with a reader, the differences between writing kid lit and graphic novels, how kid lit readers are rewarded when the book is read more than once, what being named the 100 Coolest Dads of 2018 did for him as a person and writer, and much more.

Minh's newest book, Enlighten Me, comes out the day this episode is released (September 19th, 2023) so head to your favorite local bookstore not named Amazon to get your copy today.

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