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The Freedom Parents

Apr 5, 2022

In this Episode, We Talk About:

  • How to let go of mom guilt once and for all.
  • The main causes and reasons behind feeling mom guilt.
  • What we can achieve as Mompreneurs once we’ve let go of our guilt.

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Show Notes:

As Mompreneurs, sometimes we can feel like we’re not doing enough as mothers, as business owners, and as women. But it’s time we stop letting the guilt control us! Today, we will be talking about “mom guilt” and what we can do to get rid of it and let go once and for all. What causes mom guilt and how do we identify it? What can we achieve when we finally let go? What impact do we leave on our little ones when we show up as our best selves? If you are struggling with mom guilt, this episode was made for you! So learn how to let go and start living guilt-free as the best momma you can be!

00:40 Where does mom guilt come from?

02:50 The struggle of being a mother and an entrepreneur.

05:00 What did I learn from my experience with mom guilt?

06:30 Can we do it all on our own?

08:05 Setting work boundaries as a Mompreneur. 

09:35 Why is it better to step away and give your little ones space?

11:55 What is the significance of asking for and receiving help?

14:20 Why should you not feel guilty for outsourcing for help?

16:40 What are all the things you feel mom guilt over?

18:40 What can we achieve when we let go of our guilt?

20:45 What is the impact we have on our children when we live as our best selves?