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In the Flamingo Lounge with Rockabilly Greg

Feb 25, 2023

In honor of the 50th Episode of In the Flamingo Lounge, Rockabilly Greg is re-broadcasting the Legacies and Legends event with Ramblin’ Lou Schriver, originally held on September 15, 2015.

Feb 18, 2023

Journalist and music fan, Elmer Ploetz, joined Rockabilly Greg "In the Flamingo Lounge" to reminisce and tell stories about the many bands he has seen, as well as the music projects he has worked on and are in progress.

Feb 11, 2023

Mike Campbell, drummer for the award-winning band Suckerpunch, joined Rockabilly Greg In the Flamingo Lounge with his daughter Jayden Campbell (Amphobia) and son, Jaryd Campbell (Bloodline) to talk about their music and the connection that music brings to a family.

Feb 4, 2023

Poet, singer/songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Tyler Westcott joined Rockabilly Greg 'In the Flamingo Lounge" on January 21, 2023 to talk about his music projects and his Folkfaces Festival.