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In the Flamingo Lounge with Rockabilly Greg

Jul 29, 2023

Ron Walker, Buffalo Music Hall of Fame inductee as a member of “The Exoutics”, owner of Three 2 Go Music Publishing and RW Music Video Production and the Chief Executive Officer of Three 2 Go Music Alliance, joined Rockabilly Greg "In the Flamingo Lounge on July 10, 2023, to talk about his music and the the business...

Jul 22, 2023

This week’s guest In the Flamingo Lounge is a Member of the Board at The Colored Musicians Club (CMC), band leader of The George Scott Big Band and a forerunner in community outreach regarding education, awareness and support. Mr. Scott advises young adults breaching the music industry with lessons as well...

Jul 15, 2023

Jazz Keyboardist and Band Leader, Van Taylor, who has who has close to 50 years as a professional in entertainment and other related occupational fields, including but not limited to music composer, music arranger and producer, night club keyboardist, artist developer and marketing consultant; television and...

Jul 8, 2023

Tj Cutajar, Erik Robinson and Bryce Malluma-Kopp from Daze Ago, joined Rockabilly Greg In the Flamingo Lounge on Wednesday, May 24 for a great conversation about their music.

Jul 1, 2023

Former Record Theatre (Buffalo NY) Clerk/Buyer/Assistant Manager and Warner Brothers Records promoter, Jeff Criden, joined Rockabilly Greg "In the Flamingo Lounge" on Thursday, May 11, 2023 to talk about his career working in the music business.