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In the Flamingo Lounge with Rockabilly Greg

Feb 24, 2024

This week's guest, Caroline Mallonee, joined Rockabilly Greg In the Flamingo Lounge on January 25, 2024 for a fascinating conversation on her musical compositions.

Caroline is an award-winning composer and performer based in Buffalo, NY. Inspired by scientific phenomena, visual art, and musical puzzles, she has been...

Feb 17, 2024

Most people know this week’s guest, Jeff Miers, as the former music critic for The Buffalo News. Jeff visited the Flamingo Lounge on January 27, 2024 and talked about his music, his family and son Declan.

These days Jeff can be found contributing to his BLOG “Miers on Music” as well as his bi-weekly podcast “Why...

Feb 10, 2024

Zuri Appleby joined Rockabilly Greg In the Flamingo Lounge on Friday, December 29 to talk about her music and help celebrate the 100th episode of the podcast.

Zuri is a professional bassist, vocalist, model, and educator. The daughter of musicians and educators, Rodney and Linda Lombardo Appleby she has been described...

Feb 3, 2024

This week’s guests In the Flamingo Lounge are Blaise-Mercedes and Malachi Fibonacci from Blaised and Confused: A femme led, high energy rock band from Buffalo, NY. They joined Rockabilly Greg in the Flamingo Lounge on January 6, 2024.

Blaise Mercedes stands as the guitarist, singer, songwriter, and the visionary band...