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In the Flamingo Lounge with Rockabilly Greg

Dec 30, 2023

This week's guest In the Flamingo Lounge, Chuckie Campbell is an American recording artist, booking agent, poet, fiction writer, editor, publisher, and educator. His music has appeared in Billboard Magazine, The Huffington Post, DJBooth, The Source, Young Hollywood, and The Examiner. In the past, he’s won A3C’s “This Is My Year” Contest, and took home All WNY Music Awards for “Best Hip-Hop Artist” and “Best Hip Hop Performer,” ArtVoice Awards for “Best Hip-Hop Artist” and “Best Original Music,” as well as Canalside Buffalo’s Battle of the Bands. For live shows, he performs with a live band, for a five-piece live approach to hip-hop filled with fluid instrumentation, lush musical arrangements, and heartfelt poetic nuance. He is currently sponsored by Three Chord Bourbon and signed to Automatic Records, a multi-genre label with offices in New York City, NY; Minneapolis, MN; and New Brunswick, NJ.

Chuckie joined Rockabilly Greg In the Flamingo Lounge on December 17, 2023 for a great discussion about his music.