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In the Flamingo Lounge with Rockabilly Greg

Sep 9, 2023

This week’s guest In the Flamingo Lounge, Sally Schaefer, a multi-instrumentalist with classical background in piano and violin and a master's degree in ethnomusicology. She visited the Lounge on Monday, August 21, 2023 for a great talk about music and a live recorded tune. Sally is best known for her work as a Buffalo-based violinist in genres as diverse as Americana, Celtic music, rock, hip hop, polka, and punk. She plays with an array of Buffalo-based bands including the Buffalo Bluegrass Allstars, Creek Bend, McCarthyizm, Bill Ward & Friends, Rust Belt Brigade, Celtic Spirit Pipe Band, and Over & Out, and collaborates regularly with indie artists Chuckie Campbell, Stress Dolls, Koko Neetz,  Christina Stock and polka-folk band Captain Tom & the Hooligans.