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Truth be Told with Mike & Kelly Johnson

Sep 29, 2022

Recent events have inspired us to cover one of the most important–and most misunderstood–principles in American society today.   

What place should religion have in the free marketplace of ideas? Does the so-called “separation of church and state” prevent a public official from sharing his religious viewpoints or factoring his beliefs into his daily decisions?  Do students in public schools still have any rights to religious expression? Are there simple rules of thumb that can help all of us to understand our rights, exercise them, and encourage others to do the same?  

In this episode, Mike explains in simple terms what the law actually says and why it’s so important.  He also answers the most frequently asked questions about this subject in a thoughtful discussion with his very special guest, Jack Johnson (Mike and Kelly’s son, and a Christian student leader who is practicing these principles on his school campus).    


The Louisiana Student Rights Review (free download)

"Separation of Church and State" explained (Mike's FB post)

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