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Truth be Told with Mike & Kelly Johnson

Dec 13, 2022

In this episode, Mike sits down with his good friend and Christian colleague, U.S. Senator-elect Ted Budd of North Carolina, to discuss his inspirational story and his wise insights on a number of key topics: How exactly does one advance from a humble family farm to the greatest deliberative body in the world? Why does faithfulness in the small things in our lives matter so much? How can we stand courageously for our faith and for principled conservatism in these challenging times? What lessons should we learn from the 2022 election cycle? What can we expect from the U.S. Senate over the next two years?  What does the acronym "P.E.A.R.R.L.S.S." stand for, and how can that help one succeed? We're certain you'll be encouraged and enlightened by this interview with one of the most influential conservatives in America. 


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