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The Better Man Podcast

May 9, 2024

Everyone wants to be happier, have fewer worries, and feel more excited about life. But often, we sow the seeds to our mental health destruction without even realizing it. This makes happiness impossible and fleeting. But it doesn't have to be that way. 

24 years ago, today’s guest, Dain Heer (CEO of Access Consciousness), gave himself six months to change his life, or he was going to commit suicide. Within a couple of weeks, he stumbled onto an unusual—and immediate—way to become happier that always worked in the trenches of life. 

And for the last 24 years, Dain has been absolutely brimming with happiness, lightness, and ease thanks to this bizarre method. 

In today’s show, Dain shares: 

  • How to have less negative self-talk in your life
  • How to stop judging yourself and other people
  • And perhaps most important, how to just be happy

If you feel like something’s missing in your life, this episode might be the fix you’ve been looking for. 

Some of the other highlights include: 

  • A practical tip for becoming happier right now (that also works in the trenches of life) (4:15) 
  • How judging people in your life, even positive judgements, can start planting the seeds of depression (9:37) 
  • The subtle “Gift” mindset shift that instantly makes you feel a bit lighter (16:53) 
  • How Dain walked into an “Access Bar” session angry, depressed, and suicidal — and walked out with a supreme sense of gratitude for life in just 75 minutes (19:14) 
  • Here’s proof that “Access Bars” can decrease stress, anxiety, depression by 87% (Best part? It only takes one session) (20:29) 
  • As many as 98% of your thoughts, feelings, and emotions aren’t sourced by you. Here’s how to stop letting them ruin your day (21:44) 
  • How to live 95% of your day-to-day life in “Flow State” like Dain does (27:51) 
  • Why awareness consistently and predictably moves you away from heaviness and towards lightness (41:40) 
  • How to use “The Clearing Statement” to wake up happy every single day (1:05:00) 

Listen now!

Resources mentioned on this episode: 

1. The Clearing Statement: If you’d like more of a deep dive into The Clearing Statement, how it works, and why it’s so effective, go here: 

2. Access Dain’s Trainings and Tools: If you’d like to buy some of Dain’s trainings and tools to become happier, you can find the full list of them here: 

3. Get Waking Up Miraculously for free: Waking Up Miraculously is a free tool Dain created for you. Grab it here:

4. Learn more about Access Bars: Access Bars are the most relaxing, de-stressing, well-being technique you’ve never heard of. Learn more about them, how to receive them, and how to give them, here:

5. Visit Access Consciousness: If you don’t know where to start to dive deeper into Dain’s world, visit the Access Consciousness site here: Or, you can visit Dain’s site here:  

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