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Dive Deep, Climb High

Focusing on leadership in higher education, Mel Loizou asks her guests to share what leadership means to them. The Dive Deep Climb High podcast is fun, honest, and relatable. It enables you to dive deep into your role and the leader you are.

To climb high, unleashing the power and potential of you and those around you. With inspiring stories, practical tips, and a little bit of fishiness this show will help you realise that sometimes the apparently impossible is absolutely possible. 

Dive Deep. Climb High. Can Do Leadership in a World of Can’t.


Oct 11, 2022

Having worked in a variety of operational roles in different sectors, Katrina admits that “customer service is in my blood.” During this fascinating conversation we deep dive into the role values had to play in the change programme she led at the University of Surrey. The aim was not just to create a customer service culture but embed a transformational shift that broke down silos and encouraged a mindset of continual improvement and service innovation.



“The reason why values are so important is because they tap into people’s personal beliefs. Our own values define the way we behave. When we tap into our own personal values, and we can find the connection between the organisation values and what's important to us, then that opens a door to transformational change.  If you can really embed values into your organisation, you're on to a winner, you're absolutely on the right journey.”



With over 12 years’ experience of working in the leisure industry, Katrina is an inspirational senior manager who makes things happen. She understands strategy and can take her team with her! In 2016 she moved to higher education, taking the professional lead on all aspects of customer service for Estates and Facilities Management and Commercial Services, heading up an inspiring cultural change programme for the department using the university’s values. Over the last two years Katrina has found her calling in the charity sector where she works for Jigsaw Trust, a charity inspired by autism who provide the very best in ongoing education, vocational and wellbeing services for autistic individuals. 





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