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Dive Deep, Climb High

Focusing on leadership in higher education, Mel Loizou asks her guests to share what leadership means to them. The Dive Deep Climb High podcast is fun, honest, and relatable. It enables you to dive deep into your role and the leader you are.

To climb high, unleashing the power and potential of you and those around you. With inspiring stories, practical tips, and a little bit of fishiness this show will help you realise that sometimes the apparently impossible is absolutely possible. 

Dive Deep. Climb High. Can Do Leadership in a World of Can’t.


Apr 18, 2023

In this episode, Mel dives deep into these recent podcast episodes:

E038 Lead with Unbounded Empathy with Jo Berry

E039 The Power of Sound with Charlie Christie

E040 Serenity in Leadership with Martin Laschkolnig

E041 Collaboration is Key with Robert Garnish

E042 Be Curious & Courageous with Eleri Thomas

Five wonderful conversations that considered leadership from very different perspectives. With Jo we explored what it means to lead with unbounded empathy, whilst with Charlie, we dived into the profound effect sound can have on us, providing clarity and focus. Chatting with Martin we discussed two words that you don’t often see together serenity and leadership. Meanwhile Robert shared his experience of moving from the retail sector to higher education and the change journey his team has been on since he joined Glasgow University. Finally with Eleri, we heard how curiosity and courageousness has taken her on adventures she never would have expected.



“Sometimes, especially in the work environment we don’t often feel that we have a choice. But we always have a choice about how we respond. As leaders we need to demonstrate courageousness and sometimes go against the flow. We need to stand up for what is right.”



Mel is a Consultant, Coach, Facilitator, Speaker, Podcast Host & Mum. Specialising in leadership and change management in the Higher Education sector, Mel uses her Fish Climb Trees philosophy to help individuals, teams and organisations, shift from that place of believing they can’t, to one where they know they absolutely can. 

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HOSTED BY: Mel Loizou


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