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Dive Deep, Climb High

Focusing on leadership in higher education, Mel Loizou asks her guests to share what leadership means to them. The Dive Deep Climb High podcast is fun, honest, and relatable. It enables you to dive deep into your role and the leader you are.

To climb high, unleashing the power and potential of you and those around you. With inspiring stories, practical tips, and a little bit of fishiness this show will help you realise that sometimes the apparently impossible is absolutely possible. 

Dive Deep. Climb High. Can Do Leadership in a World of Can’t.


Nov 22, 2023

In this episode, we take a deep dive into nature and the power of tapping into our natural intelligence. During this fascinating conversation, Rosie shares with us, the incredible work she is doing with individuals and teams, using nature and horses to help them celebrate their strengths and understand the importance of internal validation.



“All the intelligences are important but currently it's like a three-legged stool, we've got IQ, EQ (emotional intelligence) and SQ (spiritual intelligence). For me it needs to be a four-legged chair, which includes NQ (natural intelligence) and the reason for this is because it's suppressed at the moment.”



Rosie Tomkins, an accomplished author and leadership expert, advocates for integrating nature's wisdom into personal and professional growth. Her upcoming book, "Let Nature Be Your Compass," blends natural principles with self-help and leadership strategies. By exploring animals' timeless attributes like purpose and resilience, readers learn to reconnect with their strengths and intuition amidst life's complexities. Rosie promotes simplicity as a means to navigate modern challenges effectively. Her earlier work, "N-stinctive: The Power of Natural Intelligence," also emphasizes using nature to enhance leadership skills and achieve peak performance, showcasing her innovative approach to leadership.

Rosie’s book: Let Nature be Your Compass* Let Nature be Your Compass









Mel is a Coach, Facilitator, Podcast Host & Mum. Specialising in leadership and change management in the Higher Education sector, Mel uses her Fish Climb Trees philosophy to help individuals, teams and organisations, shift from that place of believing they can’t, to one where they know they absolutely can. 

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