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Dive Deep, Climb High

Focusing on leadership in higher education, Mel Loizou asks her guests to share what leadership means to them. The Dive Deep Climb High podcast is fun, honest, and relatable. It enables you to dive deep into your role and the leader you are.

To climb high, unleashing the power and potential of you and those around you. With inspiring stories, practical tips, and a little bit of fishiness this show will help you realise that sometimes the apparently impossible is absolutely possible. 

Dive Deep. Climb High. Can Do Leadership in a World of Can’t.


Dec 20, 2023

In this episode, Mel dives deep into these recent podcast episodes:

E057 Managing Change & Transformation with Gareth Duffin

E058 Let Nature be Your Compass with Rosie Tomkins

E059 The Importance of Onboarding with Hayley Mintern

E060 Motivating Your Team with Sam Glenister-Batey

E061 Conversation Not Communication with Susan Heaton-Wright

Reflecting on the final words of wisdom, shared by each of her guests, Mel considers how their insight might help people on their leadership journey:

Gareth encouraged us to blame the process not the person when something goes wrong.

Rosie inspired us to have more confidence and belief in ourselves by looking for internal validation, recognising that we have everything we need inside of us.

Hayley chose to leave us with the words of James Baldwin, “Not everything that is faced can be changed but nothing can be changed until it is faced.”

Sam offered us his perspective that as leaders we should measure ourselves on the achievements of our team rather than our own work.

Susan reminded us that we are all unique. We all have a voice and should make sure that we let other people know about our opinions, ideas, and values because we will add to the conversation.



“As leaders, we need to look inwards to give ourselves, the confidence to take responsibility, rather than looking to blame, to face in to challenges so that we can affect change, to look and think, ‘How can I best serve my team? How can I best support them?’ And how can I ensure that I'm having conversations with people, rather than just communicating with them?”



Mel is a Consultant, Coach, Facilitator, Speaker, Podcast Host & Mum. Specialising in leadership and change management in the Higher Education sector, Mel uses her Fish Climb Trees philosophy to help individuals, teams and organisations, shift from that place of believing they can’t, to one where they know they absolutely can.

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