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Each week in Creative Confidential: Jude Kampfner chats to an independent professional performance, visual artist, or writer about how they survive and thrive. They share details of moving between projects, becoming more entrepreneurial, finding the best opportunities and developing a signature image and style. Her guests range from lyricists to novelists, videographers to sound designers.
A broadcaster, writer and coach, Jude gently probes and challenges her guests, so that whatever your line of creativity you learn from her advice and the experiences of her lively interviewees. 

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Theme music composed by Gene Pritsker.

Show Producer and Editor, Mark McDonald. Launch YOUR podcast here.

Aug 25, 2022

Canadian audio artist, journalist and actor, Chris Brookes lives in St John’s, Newfoundland near Battery Hill, where Marconi set up his receiving tower in the first transatlantic wireless experiment. 

Brookes began his career running a theatre company creating documentary style productions that influenced government...

Aug 18, 2022

Growing up she was a pianist and a singer, and in her twenties, Victoria Bond become the first woman to receive a doctorate in orchestral conducting from the Juilliard School. Since then she’s served as music director and conductor for major orchestras. Composition is her first love she explains, but it’s taken...

Aug 11, 2022

Dr. Eric Maisel is a retired licensed family therapist who founded the profession of creativity coaching. He actively maintains a thriving creativity coaching practice. He’s written more than 50 books of fiction and non fiction. He talks to Jude about how the artist with a life purpose has to exist in the context of...

Aug 4, 2022

Classically trained composer, guitarist, rapper Gene Pritsker has had over 600 of his compositions performed. His debuts his work via his presenting organization Composers Concordance that showcases short new pieces from composers of any style. To take part in one of Gene’s shows he has to find your music eclectic...