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Jul 24, 2023

→ Episode: 92 | A Patch of Grass

→ Today we will connect to the Earth.


Daily Magic for Peace is a meditation podcast that supports you as you support Ukraine. Debuting on Apple Podcasts at #37 (US) and #11 (Australia), Daily Magic for Peace invites you to relax your body, calm your breath, and send courage to Ukraine.

Magic works best with action! See this list for Creative Ways to Support Ukraine: We’d love to hear the creative ways you are supporting Ukraine! Email us at


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Ways to Listen

→ Add Daily Magic for Peace to the end of your news playlist.

→ Listen first thing in the morning to start your day with hope.

→ Listen before sleep to relax.


Daily Magic for Peace is hosted by Ritual Artist Colleen Thomas, a Certified Meditation and Mindfulness teacher who helps people make sense of life through ceremony. Learn more at Music by Terry Hughes.