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The Innovative Hotelier

Jan 26, 2023

In the world of measuring hotel performance, there are a many metrics that have been used for quite some time. RevPAR, revenue per available room, is the most common of the legacy metrics. But Adam Mogelonsky, noted hotel consultant, believes there is a better way. In this episode, he speaks with host Robin Trimingham...

Jan 19, 2023

Josiah Mackenzie has been a hospitality advisor for many years. Now that 2023 has begun, he and host Robin Trimingham discuss what the best strategies are for retaining guests and generating loyalty in the 2023 hospitality landscape.

For more of Josiah's work on artificial intelligence, see his guide to AI for hotels

Jan 12, 2023

Kyle M.K. is the author of “The Economics of Emotion.” He believes that feelings dictate our every decision: what we eat, what we wear and, especially, what we consume. In this episode, he speaks with host Robin Trimingham about taking into consideration the aspects of emotion and just how much it impacts a...

Jan 5, 2023

There are many ways to effectively use artificial intelligence in the hospitality industry. Today, we're discussing the why with Simone Puorto, founder and CEO of Travel Singularity. In this episode, he and host Robin Trimingham discuss the reasons why hotels are the perfect place to implement and develop AI and machine...