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Taking On Putin

The journalist John Sweeney has been on Vladimir Putin's case for 22 years since he first saw evidence of war crimes by the Russian army under Putin's command in Chechnya. John first called Vladimir Putin a war criminal in March 2000. And again and again he's seen evidence of Vladimir Putin killing people, killing people in Russia, killing people in Britain and around the world.


Reporting from Kyiv this podcast will answer the question on everyones lips, who could do this to Ukraine, to civilians, to children? Who is Putin? 


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Jul 19, 2022

John Sweeney has been on Vladimir Putin’s case for over twenty years. In this special bonus episode of Taking on Putin, we bring you a sneak peek of John’s new audiobook, Killer in the Kremlin.

Killer in the Kremlin is brought to you by Penguin, and will be published on Thursday 21 July 2022. Available on Audible,...

Jul 8, 2022

John Sweeney has been on Vladimir Putin's case for over twenty years. He's been reporting from Kyiv throughout the Russian invasion. In this final episode of Taking On Putin, John heads East towards the frontline, to speak to the people bearing the brunt of the Kremlin's war machine. He asks what is the real cost for...