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Human Design for Coaches

Jun 1, 2024

What really led to my 6-month "breakup" with Instagram? Do I regret taking such a long break? And why did I decide to come back?

In this episode I'm answering all of these questions plus sharing:

  • My new Instagram mindset and strategy that's helping grow my business and bottom line without sacrificing my mental health
  • The surprising benefits AND downsides of my Instagram break
  • My new IG boundaries that are allowing me to show up on the app in an intentional, effective, but most importantly, *fun* way
  • A little riff on content marketing à la Human Design

Here's the podcast episode I mentioned from my friend Robyn Gooding:

2024 Biz Trends You Need to Know

P.S. Sorry for the crying in the background near the end of this episode. My three year old was NOT happy when Daddy said it was time to get out of the bath. 😅

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