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On Topic Retro

Jul 21, 2022

In this weeks Episode I'm joined by the Eric AKA King of the Floaters from All N a Nintendo Podcast!  We talk at great length all things Super Bomberman, as well as other random things that relate!  Come listen as we have a blast!

Intro (0:23)

Experiences (1:54)

Game Develpment (24:18)

Story (37:15)


Jul 10, 2022

On tonights episode of OTR Retro Rewind, i'm joined by Philip Paulson aka Flightsy!   We take a deep deep deep dive into the game, maybe deeper than we should have.  You will just have to listen to find out!


Intro (0:23)

Experiences (4:19)

Game Develpment (14:24)

Story (17:20)

Gameplay (20:24)