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On Topic Retro

Nov 17, 2022

On this bonus episode of OTR i'm joined by Shannon Eno and Adam Caporello to discuss the titular Xenoblade Chronicles 3!  This show is full of *SPOILERS* so only tune in if you have played the game already!  Join us if you are looking for something a little more meaty, as this is the episode with the gall!


Nov 13, 2022

This episode Shannon Eno and Chris Logel join me to talk about X-Men for the Sega Genesis!  It's not our favorite, but we still have a lot to say!


Intro (0:23)

Experiences (2:00)

Game Develpment (10:37)

Story (15:55)

Gameplay (25:25)

Fun Facts (50:27)

Outro (58:25)

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