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On Topic Retro

May 1, 2023

On this episode Liam and I go to the races with Super Mario Kart!  Come listen and don't spin out at the light as we grab an item box and have a great discussion!

Retro Rewind Champions!  

Intro (0:50)

House Keeping (1:25)

Experiences (5:58)

Game Development (14:26)

Gameplay (22:11)

Gameplay Continued...

Apr 18, 2023

On this episode, Bozo and I breakdown March's Retro Rewind game, Wave Race 64!  Be sure to join the RetroLogic discord to vote for our monthly Retro Rewind game and participate in the Retro Rewind Champions contest for a chance to win $10 for your game shop of choice!


Intro (0:50)

House Keeping (3:25)


Mar 29, 2023

On this episode im joined by Eston Huff and Tim Aulph (Nintendo Dad No. 4) from the Film Logic Podcast.  We fill our misslie tanks and talk plenty of Metroid Prime!  The remaster just came out so it's the perfect time to go prime!

Intro (0:50)

House Keeping (2:30)

Experiences (6:46)

Game Development (29:33)


Mar 10, 2023

On todays episode, I'm joined by Shannon Eno to talk about a Gameboy staple, Tetris!!!

We avoid the pile up of legal battles, but still find a way to fill this episode up to the top!

Season 2 housekeeping :  New Intro/Outro, Retro Rewind Champions, and Merch!


Intro (0:50)

Experiences (6:08)

Game Development...

Feb 20, 2023

On this episode I'm joined by Shannon Eno and Presto the Magnificent from the Off the Wah! podcast!  We spend some time discussing the great puzzle platformer Fire N' Ice on the NES!  Come check out our slippery assessment and decide if you gain the fire to go play this game!

Intro (0:40)

Experiences (2:41)