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The Know For Sure Pod

Jun 7, 2022

This week B. Simone and Megan discuss deciding to take time for yourself knowing when to stop and heal self-reflection, and the impact of forgiveness. Megan raises the question: Is obedience better than sacrifice? What is God telling you to do? B. Simone and Megan give insight into what it looks like to have an all-black woman team moving with intention and directly connected to god and the purpose. They touch on the idea of men controlling the narrative and the need for change.



Other topics you will hear:

•The grace extended to White people acting a fool 

•Responsibility of a Women lead podcast 

•Different perspectives about spirituality and Christianity

•What does having children mean to you? 

•Remain humble but still hype yourself



We are having a live show June 9th in Miami at the Black Equity Conference

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