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The Artful Leader

Apr 15, 2022

Self-care. One of the buzzwords of the past few years, but how can we truly make sure that we’re helping educators and leaders take care of themselves rather than burning them out more? In this episode, guest Dr.Patty Ramirez of the KLBRI Institute shares her brilliant approach to handling resistance to healing centered approaches and building trust and co-creating a culture of community care. She also enlightens us with her own self-care rituals that she has created as she’s reclaimed her own inner wisdom and ancestral wellness practices, aka her very own “brujita” magic



The KLIBRI Institute, founded by Dr.Patty Ramirez 

Discover the Healing Cycles of Harm Curriculum at Reclaiming Our Own Transcendence (ROOT)

Shop Dr.Patty’s affirmation candles at Wild Luna Botanicals 


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