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The Artful Leader

Sep 16, 2022

In so many fields that offer care to and support to marginalized communities, practitioners and leaders can find themselves burned out. The field of Creative Youth Development is no exception. The good news is that Rachelle and her collaborators at the Center for CYD are working together to foster a culture of wellness in our field. In this second part of a mini-series on CYD, Matt D’Arrigo and Katie Lorge Murawka share how the Clare Rose Foundation and their new Center for CYD is doing impactful work as a small, family foundation to offer support and build capacity for practitioners and organizations while creating a container for the growth and development of the field of CYD as a whole. Listen for profound insights from three experienced CYD professionals who are committed to impacting young lives in our communities sustainably by centering equity, building healthy workplace cultures, reimagining philanthropy and getting at the root causes of toxic stress for those providing these crucial services.



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