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The Artful Leader

Dec 9, 2022

“We are beings that live at the nexus of our ancestors’ dreams and the memories of our descendants.” This quote by Dr. Sará Yafah King sets the stage for this episode as Rachelle talks with abstract painter, art advocate, and curator, Joëlle Tomb.  Together they explore the importance of knowing our heritage in order to understand our past and build a future that honors those who came before and inspires those who come after. Joëlle’s love affair with art began as a child in Lebanon, where she was born into a family of artists.  She has spent recent years uplifting their legacy and building her own, as an arts and culture leader in the Boston area, where she currently serves as Board President at New Art—an inclusive community art education space. Listen to hear the profound impact that creativity can have in building community, changing our perspectives,  and honoring where we come from. 


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Learn more about New Art in Newton, Massachusetts and their work here

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