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The Artful Leader

Jan 27, 2023

Do you want to approach your work and passions with more presence, intuition and intention? In this episode, dance artist and breathwork teacher Alicia Peterson Baskel joins Rachelle to talk about the power of breathwork. Learn how working with the breath can help you shed the  layers of stress that block your well-being and connect with your creativity, so that you can show up fully to your life and work. Alicia and Rachelle share simple ways to build a breathwork practice and walk you through 3 key exercises you can use to calm down in intense moments or invigorate yourself when energy and focus are low. 


Learn more about Alicia and her work here

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Listen to Alicia’s podcast ‘Inside the Creative Process’ wherever you listen to pocdasts

Find breathwork resources from David Elliott here

Check out 7 Practices of a Mindful Leader by Mark Lesser

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