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The Artful Leader

May 19, 2023

Art has no borders. This is just one of the key tenets of CEC ArtsLink, an organization that connects artists from different contexts and countries, advocating for the value of transnational cultural exchange. In this episode, the Executive Director of CEC ArtsLink, Simon Dove, joins Rachelle to highlight the power of artists with a social practice to serve as catalysts for connection, understanding, and ultimately a more empathic world. Simon shares compelling examples of how they are finding creative ways to address and bring attention to social and environmental issues at home and abroad. He also speaks to the importance of promoting public investment in culture, especially in the U.S. where a minuscule portion of public funding goes to the arts. Get inspired to uplift the work of artists who can enrich your community with their unique perspectives and solutions. 


Learn more about CEC Arts Link and their current programs at or on Instagram @cec_artslink 

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