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The Artful Leader

Dec 16, 2022

In the spirit of giving this holiday season and of renewal as we go into 2023, Rachelle shares a 7 step guided meditation to help you transform your self-care practice. This meditation will help you pause and reflect on your wellbeing, tap into inspiration and stay grounded in your purpose, and put an effective self-care plan on paper to support you through the ups and downs of uncertain times. Listen to as many times as you need.

Click here to download the ‘7 Steps to a Transformative Self-Care Practice’ worksheet to accompany you throughout the guided meditation.

Are you a heart-centered leader seeking ways to take care of yourself while pursuing your passion in the new year? Rachelle helps leaders with big missions impact lives sustainably by putting their own well-being first, so that they can lead with a full tank and build a culture of care that supports the flourishing of all stakeholders. Book a free consultation here!  

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