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AI For Pharma Growth

Mar 29, 2022

Allan Andersen is a Global Director Enterprise Solutions at Amelia, a global leader in conversational AI. He is also a product strategist and management expert in strengthening and innovating new and existing solutions to generate revenue growth. In this episode of AI For Business Growth, Dr. Andree Bates and Allan talk about hiring a digital human to help you grow your company faster and more cost effectively. Everyone has their own opinion on AI making some jobs obsolete, but can machine learning and artificial intelligence take over some of the more tedious aspects of jobs today?


In this episode you will learn: 

  • Hiring a digital human (AI) through Amelia’s website.
  • How can a digital human help you grow your company: AI is becoming more prevalent and while many believe them to be replacing jobs, Alan speaks about how AI like Amelia are used to augment them.
  • What is Amelia and how can you avail of her services: Alan discusses Amelia’s origins, and the services she can provide. Businesses of all sizes utilise Amelia for data entry, customer service and more.
  • Interesting use cases: Various industries have found ways to use Amelia in beneficial ways; for example, an Australian healthcare provider put Amelia to handle caregivers’ applications and even interview them.
  • The benefits of incorporating AI in your company: AI, like Amelia, can provide opportunities for quicker and more efficient customer service, they can carry out tasks by collaborating with human agents, operate call centres and much more.


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Click to connect with Dr. Andree Bates for more information in this episode:

Amelia, Global Leader in Conversational AI | Amelia  

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