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AI For Pharma Growth

Oct 18, 2022

In this episode of AI For Pharma Growth, Dr Andree Bates is joined by  Alan Kalton, Senior Vice President of sales for Aktana and GM of Aktana’s European division & Olivier Aurand, IT Director at Mundipharma.


Aktana is the leader of intelligent engagement in the global life sciences industry and helps companies strengthen their relationships with healthcare providers to inspire better patient care. 


Mundipharma is dedicated to bringing innovative treatments to patients in the areas of Pain Management, Infectious Disease and Consumer Healthcare as well as other severe and debilitating disease areas.


Pharma companies are introducing artificial intelligence powered Next Best Action (NBA) to drive proactive business intelligence into commercial execution. Next Best Action, also called context marketing, identifies the needs of individual physicians at specific moments of engagements to assist in the organisation of creating the right personalised content in the right channels at the right time, for every individual physician in a meaningful way and in real time. This creates a strong customer experience, alongside essential support for both sales and marketing professionals, while simultaneously providing stronger business results. 


Alan & Olivier discuss some of the challenges and opportunities associated with delivering Next Best Action at scale, and reference the importance of using artificial intelligence and machine learning as it advances in its use cases. 


In this episode you will learn:

  • What needs to be done to implement Next Best Action (NBA) into Pharma
  • How to make good decisions when implementing NBA in pharma
  • What behavioural changes need to be made to stimulate the use of NBA
  • The strategies to use help speed up the implementation of NBA
  • Why markets are resistant to NBA


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AI For Pharma Growth is the podcast from pioneering Pharma Artificial Intelligence entrepreneur Dr. Andree Bates created to help organisations understand how the use of AI based technologies can easily save them time and grow their brands and business. 


This show blends deep experience in the sector with demystifying AI for all pharma people, from start up biotech right through to Big Pharma. In this podcast Dr Andree will teach you the tried and true secrets to building a pharma company using AI that anyone can use, at any budget.


As the author of many peer-reviewed journals and having addressed over 500 industry conferences across the globe, Dr Andree Bates uses  her obsession with all things AI and futuretech to help you to navigate through the, sometimes confusing but, magical world of AI powered tools to grow pharma businesses. 


This podcast features many experts who have developed powerful AI powered tools that are the secret behind some time saving and supercharged revenue generating business results. Those who share their stories and expertise show how AI can be applied to sales, marketing, production, social media, psychology, customer insights and so much more.



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