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AI For Pharma Growth

Jan 4, 2023

In this episode of AI For Pharma Growth, Dr Andree Bates discusses   some of the issues we have with robotics and consciousness. 


Robotics relies heavily on artificial intelligence. Robots use natural language processing, image and object recognition, computational creativity, and deep learning to mimic consciousnesses but they are all AI programming. 


Conscious AI and robots will be highly specialised, intelligent and very good at one thing. We are moving into an era where roles will change but robots are not going to replace humans completely, they're going to help humans. They will take on a lot of the dull, repetitive, difficult, demeaning, demanding and dangerous jobs, but there will still be many jobs that require human input.


In this episode you will learn:

  • How close are we to robotics and consciousness
  • What is consciousness and why is it so elusive
  • Can our mind interact with computers


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AI For Pharma Growth is the podcast from pioneering Pharma Artificial Intelligence entrepreneur Dr. Andree Bates created to help organisations understand how the use of AI based technologies can easily save them time and grow their brands and business.


This show blends deep experience in the sector with demystifying AI for all pharma people, from start up biotech right through to Big Pharma. In this podcast Dr Andree will teach you the tried and true secrets to building a pharma company using AI that anyone can use, at any budget.


As the author of many peer-reviewed journals and having addressed over 500 industry conferences across the globe, Dr Andree Bates uses  her obsession with all things AI and futuretech to help you to navigate through the, sometimes confusing but, magical world of AI powered tools to grow pharma businesses. 


This podcast features many experts who have developed powerful AI powered tools that are the secret behind some time saving and supercharged revenue generating business results. Those who share their stories and expertise show how AI can be applied to sales, marketing, production, social media, psychology, customer insights and so much more.



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