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AI For Pharma Growth

May 17, 2022

In this episode of AI For Business Growth, Dr Andree Bates is joined by Dmitri Leonov, who is the founder of SaneBox, which is a company that uses artificial intelligence to help people sort through all the emails in their inbox. SaneBox uses artificial intelligence to make sure that the emails in your inbox are the ones that you want.

SaneBox works by analysing your past behaviour (which emails you open, which you respond to, how quickly, how often, etc) and determines the importance of incoming emails by only looking at the headers. Only 20-30% of emails are actually relevant to you. It moves unimportant emails out of your Inbox into a separate folder called SaneLater and summarises them in a digest. 

If you know how to use a folder and how to drag an email from one folder to another, you know how to use SaneBox. It works anywhere you check your email. Over the years their AI has learned to notice patterns so that it can start filtering a new email account with 0 historical data and If SaneBox makes a mistake you can simply drag it into the right folder.

The strength of sanebox comes in the filtering - to understand your interaction with your email. Emails are sorted with 95% accuracy SaneBox identifies important messages, hides distractions, has Do Not Disturb, banishes annoying senders, reminds you to follow up and more...

In this episode you will learn: 

  • What SaneBox is and why Dimitri started the company. He talks about what led him to start the company in the early 2010’s and how he came up with the problem to be solved by his AI.
  • Dmitri explains how easy it is to use SaneBox. It doesn’t have an interface that is complicated to understand and once you know the basics of emails, you’ll understand how to use it.
  • SaneBox is an Artificial Intelligence program that sorts emails in your inbox so that you only see the ones you need to. Dmitri talks about the process of developing Sanebox and other things it can do.
  • Why you need to start using Sanebox. It has helped many people and companies in organizing emails and made things much easier on them in terms of going through a multitude of unimportant emails.

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AI For Business Growth is the podcast from pioneering Artificial Intelligence entrepreneur Dr. Andree Bates created to help organisations understand how the use of AI based technologies can easily save them time and grow their brands and business. 

This show blends deep experience in the sector with demystifying AI for all business people from start up entrepreneurs right through to Fortune 500 companies. In this podcast Dr Andree will teach you the tried and true secrets to building a company using AI that anyone can use, at any budget.

As the author of many peer-reviewed journals and having addressed over 500 industry conferences across the globe, Dr Andree Bates uses  her obsession with all things AI, futuretech and business to help you to navigate through the, sometimes confusing, but magical world of AI powered tools to grow businesses. 

This podcast features many experts who have developed powerful AI powered tools that are the secret behind some time saving and supercharged revenue generating business results. Those who share their stories and expertise show how AI can be applied to sales, marketing, social media, psychology, customer insights and so much more.

Key Takeaways:

  • SaneBox makes going through your emails a piece of cake by sorting them into the important and trivial ones.


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