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AI For Pharma Growth

Jan 10, 2024

In this episode of AI For Pharma Growth, Dr Andree Bates is joined by Casper Wilstrup, founder and CEO of Abzu.


They discuss how Abzu's QLattice Explainable AI algorithm can be used to accelerate disease understanding, drug design, and insights in pharma R&D. Casper explains how the QLattice generates hypotheses to explain phenomena using symbolic AI without requiring large datasets. 


They explore applications in areas like biomarkers, RNA therapeutics, and reducing drug development timelines. The episode provides insights into how regulations like the EU AI Act may impact pharma's AI use and Abzu's vision for the future of their technology.


In this episode you will learn:

  • How Abzu's QLattice algorithm uses symbolic AI to generate hypotheses without large datasets
  • Applications of explanatory AI in areas like biomarkers, RNA therapeutics, and disease understanding
  • Considerations for pharma companies regarding regulations like the EU AI Act
  • Abzu's work with partners in pharma R&D to accelerate drug development timelines
  • The company's vision for expanding access to their explanatory AI technology


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AI For Pharma Growth is the podcast from pioneering Pharma Artificial Intelligence entrepreneur Dr. Andree Bates created to help organisations understand how the use of AI based technologies can easily save them time and grow their brands and business. 

This show blends deep experience in the sector with demystifying AI for all pharma people, from start up biotech right through to Big Pharma. In this podcast Dr Andree will teach you the tried and true secrets to building a pharma company using AI that anyone can use, at any budget.

As the author of many peer-reviewed journals and having addressed over 500 industry conferences across the globe, Dr Andree Bates uses  her obsession with all things AI and futuretech to help you to navigate through the, sometimes confusing but, magical world of AI powered tools to grow pharma businesses. 

This podcast features many experts who have developed powerful AI powered tools that are the secret behind some time saving and supercharged revenue generating business results. Those who share their stories and expertise show how AI can be applied to sales, marketing, production, social media, psychology, customer insights and so much more.



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