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Music for The Soul Podcast

Jul 12, 2023

Creativity is the tool that allows anyone, including artists, songwriters, and musicians, to bring to life stories and ideas from their experience in a way that resonate with others. From music to movies to books to even conversations, creativity allows us to create in a way that people can understand and enjoy. So how do we encourage creativity in our lives and in the lives of our kids?
That is why we are so excited to have songwriter Gina Boe on today's episode of the Music for the Soul Podcast. Gina shares her story of songwriting throughout her life and the common thread of hope that was woven into her work. She was then diagnosed with breast cancer on New Year's Eve of 2020 and began to realize how the thread of hope provided encouragement not only for others, but for herself as she walked through that diagnosis. 
Gina also speaks on fostering creativity in our kids, and why it is so imporant to nurture the creative natures and passions of children as they grow up. She explains that the true goal of an artist and their creativity is that we were "Created by a Creator to be Creative."

Who is Gina Boe?

Gina Boe is a writer of songs, books, and blogs, as well as a singer and speaker. She is a Dove-award winning songwriter with multiple adult and children’s musicals to her credit, #1 songs, and songs recorded by numerous artists in a variety of genres. Gina has dedicated herself to mentoring creatives of all ages, and to providing opportunities for creatives to experience community.

She recently released her third book, titled "Hope Deserves an Anthem - One Creative's Quest to Bring Light to Life's Dark Places." This book chronicles how Gina has faced life's toughest seasons, including her recent battle with breast cancer, armed with a pen and a piano.  Gina and her husband, Perry, make their home in Nebraska with their four children, two dogs and one cat. 



To learn more about Gina's one on one mentoring, listen to her songs and her podcast The Hopeful Creative, and contact information by visiting her website