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Music for The Soul Podcast

Sep 13, 2023

On today's episode of the Music for the Soul Podcast, we are talking about a topic that can truly seem insurmountable to those walking through it, suicidal thoughts and feelings. So how can we find hope in those moments of darkness and create healing and restoration? What should we do if we suspect a friend or family member is suicidal?

Becky Nordquist shares her personal story of walking through suicidal thoughts after suffering the trauma of sexual abuse. She talks about how she spent time in a mental hospital, those who provided comfort for her when her family didn't, and what helped her get out of that dark place and embrace the arms of God's love and mercy.

Becky also explains what others can do to help those that they think are suicidal, the importance of grief and lament in a Christian's life, and about working on the song Need You Now. Need You Now is a music video that walks through the feelings of deep depression and suicidal thoughts, and provides hope for those who may be walking through it themselves. 


For those who want to hear the song Need You Now, watch the music video created specifically for it, and receive devotionals walking through its themes, please visit: