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Music for The Soul Podcast

Sep 27, 2023

Walking through the loss of a child is one of the greatest griefs a family can ever face. So how can mothers and families allow themselves to grieve this loss, but also find hope and healing in God's grace?
Our guest on today's show is Author and Transformational Leader, Taushauna Burrel. Taushauna shares her story of having three stillbirths sequentially and how she authored a book through her own publishing company to help other moms dealing with child loss.
Taushauna explains how music and journaling allowed her not only to strengthen her faith, but find ways to feel the emotions she needed to feel when walking through this loss. She wants other mothers dealing with child loss to know that they are never alone.
Who is Taushauna Burrel?

A dedicated financial expert and transformational leader, Taushauna Burrel has been serving families and businesses since 2012. As a former financial representative, she successfully assisted over 130 clients in achieving their financial goals.

Taushauna is also an accomplished author, speaker, and mentor, guiding moms on their journey to write their manuscripts and transform their lives. Her passion for empowering families and sharing kingdom principles of wealth and success is evident in her work, both within and outside of Lender Not Borrower International Ministries.


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