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Music for The Soul Podcast

Dec 28, 2022

Music is something that impacts all of us in our daily lives. However, our guest today, music educator Mindy Peterson, explains how music can offer healing to those that are suffering with conditions like dementia and those walking through psychological trauma. Mindy breaks down how music can be a powerful tool for enhancing peoples' lives and what exactly makes music such a potent connector to our memories, emotions and more. She also shares how faith-based music, like the songs written by Music for the Soul, have an especially strong effect for those walking through a variety of hardships in their lives.

Mindy then explains how she became a music advocate, how she became connected with Music for the Soul's ministry, and why music advocacy through organizations like Music for the Soul are so imporant in today's world that seems filled with mental illness and stress. If you've ever heard one of our songs and resonated with it on a deep spiritual level and wondered "why was that?" or thought "what type of music should I recommend to my friend who is struggling?", this is an episode you need to listen to!

Who is Mindy Peterson?

With a background in both business and music, Mindy Peterson hosts the music education and advocacy podcast, Enhance Life with Music: A holistic look at the power of music in our everyday lives. The inspiration and enrichment of music are explored through the lens of science & health, sports & entertainment, business, and education. The show is in Chartable's Top 200 Music Podcasts for both USA and Global lists, has downloads in over 100 countries, and is in Listen Score's top 10% of global podcasts (like Nielsen ratings for podcasts). It has been featured in media including "Podcast Magazine," The Business Side of Music podcast, Arts for the Health of It Podcast, and The Iowa Music Teacher Magazine.

Passionate about health & wellness, Mindy is a Founding Member & Advisory Board Member of American Life Music Council, a national coalition of healthcare providers dedicated to furthering complementary and alternative uses of music in mental health and wellness for persons and families coping with serious illness or for those who want to improve and enjoy life.


Our listeners can learn more about Mindy, her work as a music educator and listen to her podcast by visiting her website here:

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