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Online Store Success with Jodie Minto

Apr 27, 2022

In today's episode, I share the 5 biggest pitfalls people make when it comes to Facebook and Instagram ads for their eCommerce store.

Save yourself time, effort and money by avoiding these common mistakes when marketing your business through social media.

Tune in to hear how you can maximise on your business ads...

Apr 16, 2022

Email marketing is still one of the most effective marketing tools that eCommerce business owners have available to them.  Not only are they effective, they are cheaper than paid ads, and have a higher conversion rate.

Tune into this episode to hear how to get started building your email database and then how to market...

Apr 13, 2022

Your eCommerce website is the equivalent of a brick and mortar shop front - first impressions are everything. Think about shopping in person at your local shopping centre or mall. When you approach a new store for the first time, would you stick around for long if there were boxes everywhere blocking your path? ...