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A Wealthy Life

Aug 25, 2022

Episode 26 – Chantal Cooke – Building a Bridge to a Wealthy Life


On this week’s episode of A Wealthy Life with Vicki Wusche, I sit down with my third podcast guest, Chantal Cooke, to talk about her experience accidentally starting out in property investment. We discuss her evolution from one flat she let out in...

Aug 18, 2022

This week on the podcast, I am speaking with Michelle Seidling about stress, wellness and how to use holistic and nutritional approaches to improving mindset and performance.


As a holistic health coach and instructional psychologist, Michelle Seidling, PhD, INHC, DTM, empowers military transitioners

Aug 11, 2022

Episode 024: Purpose is the path to a wealthy life


On this week’s episode, I am speaking with Yaa Antwi-Nsiah, a good friend of mine and a Mindset Mentor & Coach.  As a Peak Performance Coach and Lifestyle Architect, she helps women who are ready to reach their next level eliminate negative self-talk and...

Aug 4, 2022

Ep 023: Awareness is the key to success


In this week’s episode, I kick off our four-part interview series with a conversation with Josh Grecco – a Mindscan-certified business coach from the United States with over a decade of business development experience. His primary focus is on coaching business leaders to...