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A Wealthy Life

Jul 7, 2022

There’s a lot of concern around a recession. We all have memories of the 2009 global financial crisis – banks shut their doors, people lost homes, jobs and pensions. So the word ‘recession’ is one that still strikes fear into many of us. 

We’re living in quite an unpredictable time, when just two years ago we were in the midst of the Covid pandemic, and now the word is facing political uncertainty as the War in Ukraine continues. Sanctions in Russia and ongoing impact of Brexit is forcing our cost of living up and petrol prices have reached an all time high. 

But do you need to be scared? 

I get it – times are hard and many of us are really pinching our pockets right now. 

Well here’s the good news... 

You can still make ends meet. You can still put food on the table. You can still keep a roof over your heads, and you can still sleep easy at night knowing you have money in the bank. 

Because regardless of wars, pandemics, interest rates and all these other things we can’t control, I’m going to show you how to do the things you can control, and do them well enough to give you and your family the financial security and peace of mind you need. 


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Highlights from this episode: 

(02:11) Is the fear real? 

(04:49) Maslow’s Heirarchy of Needs 

(08:12) The ripple effect 

(13:55) Logical vs emotional responses 

(16:03) How to Take Care of Your Own Financial Situation 

(19:14) Where is your money? 

(21:45) Finding opportunities to save money 


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